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Spiritually Alive

"In this new place, I've become spiritually grounded in a deeper level of intention and prayer. I am truly spiritually alive." -Karlene Ryan

Spiritually Alive is the culmination of events, guidance, and experiences which enable us to feel Spiritually Alive.

Joyful Gatherings

"Be inspired, with healing, hope, faith, courage: Embrace change and carry your joy. -Karlene Ryan

Joyful Gatherings retreats will bring a calm experience of inspiration and direction that will transform your thinking by using:

Beauty music, poetry, journaling, and sharing connection with others to awaken you to heart to heart love and joyful inspirations.

Spiritual Guidance

"Your truth manifest anew by awareness and awakening to this energy of love and hope and the grace of new beginnings. -Karlene Ryan

Life Coaching offered by Karlene Ryan


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